10 Tips to Healthy Weight Gain in Pregnancy

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Hurrah! You have a baby a baby on board! This is fun and exciting; what isn’t so fun and exciting is the prospect of all the additional weight gain during pregnancy.

Let me tell you, as a mother of 4, doula, prenatal educator and child birthing advocate, I know that you do not have to blow up like a total blimp to have a healthy pregnancy. see also : Folic Acid Pregnancy and The Other Essential Nutrients

Weight gain in pregnancy is normal and necessary for yourself and your baby’s wellbeing, but far too many mothers-to-be take pregnancy as a free pass to eat whatever they want, whenever they want regardless of how many layers of fat it adds to their hips!

Likewise losing weight after pregnancy does not have to be difficult, overly challenging or even impossible. It all depends on your weight gain in pregnancy: how much you put on and from what sources the added poundage comes.

So how do you keep yourself from unhealthy weight gain during your pregnancy? You just have to find the right motivation and stick with it.

healthy weight gain during pregnancy
healthy weight gain during pregnancy

Here are 10 tips that will help you gauge healthy pregnancy pounds, keep the fat advances under control and get you back into those skinny jeans post-partum so you can breathe new meaning into the phrase ‘hot mama!”

1. Get to the Gym

Being a mom does not excuse you from treadmill duty. In fact, you probably need to mount that step, hold that pose or run that last lap more now than at any other time in your life.

Being a new mom is challenging, even if this is not your first baby!

You can exercise during pregnancy, in fact it is encouraged. Hitting the gym while pregnant helps in surprising ways. The sweat-shop helps you burn calories for sure, but this is not all – it also maintains strong muscle mass which will contribute to post partum weight loss.

There is another benefit to the daily walk: mood lifters!

Stress, fatigue and depression put a huge damper on pregnancy and maternal bliss. This same villainous trio pulls the brakes on normal post-partum weight loss as well.

Getting to the gym and sweating a little, or a lot, helps you to maintain a strong body, relaxes the mind and releases feel good chemicals in the brain. All of this helps keep weight gain in pregnancy in check, while making pregnancy feel more like a breeze than a gale force storm of sleepless nights and nausea plagued mornings. see also : Healthy Pregnancy Diet, Weight Gain and Portion Control

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