29 weeks Pregnant Matters Needing Attention

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The growth of the baby’s birth records

In that time, the birth of the baby’s growth and development and the very fast, about 40 cm long, weight is about 1700 grams. The skin is dark red, subcutaneous fat thickening, the body to look chubby, face still cloth wrinkle, muscle more developed. The brain increases, nerve action more active.

Due to the long, weight gain, inside the room to move relatively less, baby inside the womb in activities are slow to TaiWei more, is fixed.

Baby inside the womb in position to head down, most in the pelvis that expectant mother at the entrance, a few hip is located in a head expectant mother of the pelvic introductory place form a hip, this is a kind of abnormal TaiWei.

Birth of baby sense organs are mature, can adjust themselves temperature and breath, even happened premature birth, the survival rate will also be increased accordingly.

The expectant mother physical changes

The increased rapidly, palace high reached 25 to 28 centimeters, abdominal apophysis very obvious. With abdominal upheaval, navel outstanding, the movement will be more and more slow, expectant mother, very easy to feel tired. In the middle of some discomfort child, such as low back pain, constipation, edema, varicose veins, etc, in this period may be worse. Some expectant mothers may happen leg cramps.

Enlarged uterus extrusion lung, cause significant upward of breathing difficulties, chest distress, short; The uterus oppression will also stomach and heart, can feel pain and chest wall. These are serious impact on the expectant mother sleep. Expectant mothers often difficult to sleep, even asleep, sleep quality is not high also.

Expectant fathers class

In the late in pregnancy, vulnerable to infections and preterm labor, and so should stop sex life, expectant fathers can want to control the expectant mother to fully understand.

To actively learn about the late in pregnancy and childbirth nursing knowledge, to know the expectant mother body changes, understand some of the abnormal situation symptom and processing method, accomplish know fairly well, they will not be panic.

To do all the housework BaoXiaLai, even if is the simpler the housework, expectant mother do housework because at this moment will be very difficult.

Take time to accompany during pregnancy side, take care of her, reminds her of things to do. Often shall prevail, to eliminate mother massage expectant mother, tension, alleviate the expectant mother body unwell.

This month dietary guidelines

To ensure a balanced nutrition, pay attention to calcium, iron, such as protein, vitamin intake. Continue to insist on low salt, salt intake of food every day should be in 8 grams left and right sides.

Because of the oppression of the uterus, the stomach will appear. In order to alleviate the symptoms, should eat much food less, and before bed to drink one cup of milk.

The amount of attention to diet, avoid food of high quantity of heat, in order to avoid weight gain too fast, in a week late in pregnancy, the weight gain in 300 grams left and right sides, should be shall not be more than 500 grams.

This month required an unborn baby

This stage, the child of the baby’s nerve cells was mature gradually, enhance memory, hearing to be more perfect, can according to mom and dad voice the strength of the perception to their emotions. This period, expectant mother, see, hear, feel all the information, can be an unborn baby content.

Expectant mothers can find some relaxed happy children’s story, with emotion read them to tire baby listen; Can also see things and vivid scene said to tire baby; In addition, good music, touched, also is the stage of the baby like birth way.

This month taboo

Don’t long time watching TV and Internet access, to ensure that the law of life.

Don’t long time keeping the same position at any time, to change position.

Don’t be too stimulate the nipple and abdominal and do not carry on the abdomen may cause; Strike and vibration in the campaign to avoid causing premature birth.

Don’t sit bath, to avoid infection.

This month event remind

In the late in pregnancy, to pay more attention to the daily monitoring, such as weight monitoring, TaiXin monitoring, quickened monitoring (you know, with the expectant mother in the increase, the baby in the activities of the womb within the space more and more small, it will gradually decrease) quickened.

Into the late in pregnancy, a lot of expectant mothers were bad sleep problems, such as {can guarantee the expectant mother sleep, how to get enough rest, below provide some simple method.

When sleeping left lie, don’t take PingWo posture.

Make full use of the pillow sleep every night, first with a pillow mat feet high 10 ~ 15 minutes; In his side pad a pillow, minus the weight of the crash down; In between two legs a pillow, reduce the waist back pain.

Before fall asleep 3 ~ 4 hours do exercise, don’t sleep in sports.

Take a nap alleviate fatigue, but time should be in 30 to 60 minutes, between shoulds not be too long. A regular sleep habits.

1 cup of milk to drink before bedtime.

If lie down after 30 minutes can’t sleep, then got up and listen to music or reading, wait to have the means to sleep after trapped.

If sleep in occurred in the process can take up the legs spasms, ankle, tiptoe toward the face, massage gently leg ministry muscle, symptoms will soon ease.

Pregnancy check this month

This month to two pregnancy, to assess check with pregnancy poisoning, the possibility of a urinary protein inspection.

If the check out the protein or feces has been established since childhood in a day without words, have bloated always the possibility of pregnancy poisoning is greater.

This month chronicle expectant mother

Weight: late

TaiXin monitoring conditions:

Quickened monitoring conditions:

Measuring high and waist circumference alues time palace and the results:

Results: the time and physical checks

Abnormal situation this month (such as temperature and blood pressure anomalies, pain, vaginal bleeding, lower limb swelling, dizziness, vision problems, ill and treatment process, etc) :

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