3 Types of Hypertension in Pregnancy

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hypertension in pregnancy
hypertension in pregnancy

Hypertension in Pregnancy – Hypertension anytime is not great news, but hypertension in pregnancy can be especially bad.

Hypertension is just a medically turbo-charged term to describe high blood pressure. Normally, pregnant women have lower than usual blood pressure, so any reading higher than 140/90 is considered to be undesirably high.

So what does it mean?

If you find yourself thinking all these numbers are really interesting but supremely unhelpful, you are not going to be disappointed. Information can help anyone make a better decision and feel calmer, both of which can help lower the blood pressure numbers. see also : Headache during Pregnancy and How to Cure It


Pregnancy Induced Hypertension is when the blood pressure is high in pregnancy, but not before or after. You can tell the difference between PIH and some more serious pregnancy complications by testing for protein in the urine.

Hypertension in pregnancy is one of the most common conditions to pop up during pregnancy. It affects approximately 3% of pregnancies.

If the numbers aren’t through the roof, treatment can be mild, such as a retest and recommendation to take it easy. If the blood pressure numbers are high, or get progressively higher your doctor may recommend for an early induction of labor nearing the end of pregnancy.


If PIH is bad news, eclampsia and its companion of toxemia are the big bad pregnancy blood pressure wolves on steroids. Preeclampsia is one of the largest causes of pregnancy related morbidity for both the mother and baby. Toxemia effects about 5% of all pregnancies and is more prevalent in especially young mothers (younger than 18) and older mothers (over 35).

There is a kernel of good news, however. Preeclampsia and toxemia can be diagnosed and spotted early with regular quality prenatal care. When you discover toxemia early it can be treated, but the only cure is to deliver the baby.

Chronic Hypertension

Chronic Hypertension is when mommy just has high blood pressure. Pregnancy is not likely to make health problems disappear.

If you have blood pressure issues before pregnancy, it is highly likely that all the little bun in your oven will do is exacerbate the problem. When you have high blood pressure before pregnancy the only thing pregnancy is likely to do is throw a monkey wrench into your prescription medications.

In deference to the baby, your doc might change, discontinue or rearrange dosing levels of medications aimed at controlling hypertension.

If hypertension in pregnancy is a concern for you, you can control it by getting a handle on your eating and exercise habits. see also : 14 Common Pregnancy Symptoms and How to Cope, Even Thrive

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