Avoiding Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy

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Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy
Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy

Did anyone ever warn you about hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

No, you have probably heard about the joys of feeling the baby move.

And everyone seems to go on and on about the horrors of morning sickness, which can strike any time of day regardless of the distance of the sun’s position in the sky from the eastern horizon.

The topic of frequent potty breaks is well worn and much abused.

You have maybe even heard your sisters, girlfriends or mother discuss the glow, acne or tenderness caused by baby’s impending arrival, but hemorrhoids somehow never seem to make it to the conversation deck. see also : How to Prevent Pregnancy Hemorrhoids

Here’s The Deal

Well, I am here to clue you in and let you know that hemorrhoids during pregnancy are a dirty little secret reality of pregnancy for many women.

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy is not a misnomer, I am not lumping the delivery in with pregnancy here. Pregnant women deal with the discomfort of these sores long before delivery.

The reason hemorrhoids become commonplace in pregnancy, even for women who have never before dealt with them, is because of a few of the many changes taking place in the body as a result of the pregnancy itself.

Pregnancy does not cause hemorrhoids, but it does set the dominos in motion.

Here’s Why It Happens

During pregnancy the blood vessels dilate, that is to say, they increase in size.

For some women this is enough to cause hemorrhoids because the blood vessels in their hind regions, being close to the surface, are now even more near as they dilate.

This is not the only reason hemorrhoids are more common in pregnancy. Constipation is another very common pregnancy complaint.

Constipation, or difficulty passing your daily BM, can cause the blood vessels in that region to become damaged during the effort.

Here’s What To Do About It

You don’t have to accept 9 months of being the preparation H poster child, though. There is much you can do.

First off, prenatal vitamins can be binding. If you are experiencing constipation and hemorrhoids talk to your OB about the brand of vitamin you are using and ask if there might be another option that is more bowel-friendly.

Also, watch what you eat!

Of course you hear this counsel all the time as you are now eating for two, but eating for two does not always mean you are eating well. When was the last time you saw a pregnant lady Bogart all the Brussels sprouts while glibly stating she was eating for two?

No, this kind of behavior is most often displayed when second helpings of chocolate cake, ice cream or chips are being offered around.

Eating with hemorrhoid prevention in mind will drive you away from those sweets and back to fiber packed options like broccoli, salad, grains and pastas.

If your struggle is particularly intense, you can take a fiber supplement as well.

With all that fiber on board you’d better be certain to drink adequate amounts of water. You are setting yourself up for even greater discomfort if all your anti-hemorrhoid efforts are aimed solely at fiber intake.

A couple other tricks include never straining while on the toilet, putting your feet on a stool or keeping them flat on the floor and doing your kegel exercises. see also : Hemorrhoids, Nausea and Headaches during Pregnancy: Find Help Now!

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