Discussing the Effects of Teenage Pregnancy (part 2)

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I am going to digress just for a moment in my four part plan to keep my daughters far away from having first-hand experience of the effects of teen pregnancy.

It occurs to me that maybe my motivation for overcoming my discomfort with the idea of talking to my girls pregnancy should be spelled out a bit more clearly.

I could talk about the cost in dollars to the nation. Teen pregnancy cost the US more than $7 billion dollars last year. Or I could talk about the sheer number of girls who are becoming mothers before they hit their twenties (over three-quarters of a million) – but my motivation is much more personal.

I want the best for my girls. When has getting knocked up ever been the best thing that could ever happen to a teenage girl? The happily ever after factor is seriously dampened by teen motherhood.

Teen moms are far less likely to even graduate from high school, and a college degree? Forget about it. This effectively makes a young mom dependent upon her parents, a teen boy, welfare or a minimum wage job just to put food on the table. I want more for my kids and grand kids than that.

Now, some of you are wondering about abortion. I am not even going to broach the topic of whether or not I am pro-choice or pro-life, but I will say that a full third of teens who become pregnant do choose abortion. Do you want to have this discussion with your child? I don’t.

Then take the discussion one step further and say your child does opt for abortion: is she off scott free?

No. see also :Teen Pregnancy Rates on the Rise!

Negative Effects Of Teenage Pregnancy

Sadly, statistics show that teens who abort their pregnancies often need long term psychological counseling to deal with feelings of guilt, depression, loss and betrayal.

What parent would choose to stick their head in the sand and ignore the issues and effects of teenage pregnancy when they could do something about it now and possibly weed that possibility from their child’s future forever?

So now my motivation is spelled out loud and clear. I feel that I can do much, starting now, to steer clear of teen pregnancy altogether, rather than wait and hope my girls avoid it on their own. All I really need to do is get over my fear and resounding discomfort and start talking to them sooner rather than later.

The final step in my four step plan is:

Step Four: Spoil them Rotten

Did you know that most teen pregnancies or cases of abused women have their roots in whole or part due to the girl’s relationship with her father?

Young women who have a caring, healthy relationship with their dad almost always avoid the effects of teen pregnancy or abuse as they grow.

Experts think this is because girls who have an involved dad pattern their date choices after the good guy dear old dad is.

teen pregnancy effects
teen pregnancy effects

I choose to think that if I spoil my girls with love that very few guys will be good enough to steal my girls’ hearts away, and the one (for each daughter) that does will have to be such a great guy that he wouldn’t dream of treating my daughter as anything less than a princess.

In the end, the best prevention of teen pregnancy is love. The best treatment for the effects of teenage pregnancy is the same answer.

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