Earliest Signs of Pregnancy First Week

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Earliest Signs of Pregnancy First Week – For most women the earliest signs of pregnancy first week is usually felt after missed periods and cannot be interpreted as proof of pregnancy because it can be caused by a number of other reasons such as the use of birth control medications, stress, illness, rapid weight loss or gain, or taking new drugs or medicines or even some other medical reasons. See also : First Signs of Pregnancy

The earliest signs of pregnancy first week could be confusing if you have menstrual bleeding. This is known as spotting and is pink or brown. Such bleeding may send the wrong signal that you are not pregnant, but this is not true. Along with these other symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, breast tenderness, or desire or aversion to food, the sharpness of the sense of smell, dizziness or light-headedness are also seen as theearliest signs of pregnancy first week. Some of these symptoms may be related to menstrual and some or all of the symptoms may be part of the 1st week of pregnancy symptoms.

Earliest Signs of Pregnancy
Earliest Signs of Pregnancy

Women react differently to pregnancy and have different levels of symptoms. These symptoms are the result of escalating levels of progesterone, human chorionic gonadotropin and estrogens as they are essential for growth and protection of the fetus, the strengthening of the pool walls, and prevention of uterine contraction. Until you get back pain, cramping or increased bleeding, bleeding system may be nothing wrong.

Among other earliest signs of pregnancy first week symptoms also include frequent urination, especially at night due to increased fluid handling in the kidneys due to blood circulation during pregnancy. These begin with the relief of their period or end of it. Women start to experience morning sickness or discomfort and these symptoms can lead to total disruption of the systems in the body. Other symptoms during the 1st week are swelling and tenderness of the breasts and among a few earliest signs of pregnancy first week can show darker nipples, tiredness, constipation, heartburn, headaches and mood swings. See also : Signs of Pregnancy

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