First Signs of Pregnancy

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First Signs of Pregnancy – When do the first signs of pregnancy start? The answer to this frequently asked question is that they start showing as early as two weeks after conception. Some women show symptoms within a week and few others take months to notice the changes. Mostly women tend to use a pregnancy test kit to confirm after they have missed a period. See also : Signs of Pregnancy

The first signs of pregnancy are the following.

Women may show a light spotting or implantation bleeding as it is known as and is mostly characterized by pink, reddish brown color discharge. Then they are plagued by the urge to urinate very frequently as the kidneys process extra fluids and fill the urinary bladder. Fatigue and nausea are also among the first signs of pregnancy.

First Signs of Pregnancy
First Signs of Pregnancy

The changes in the hormonal level cause women to feel tired and sleepy as well as feel like vomiting. Some women experience hyperthermia and their body temperature remains high. Abdominal cramps can also be caused as the uterus contracts due to the hormonal changes. There is tenderness in the breast and the areolas become darker and more sensitive. The bumps on the areolas become more pronounced and appear as firstsigns of pregnancy.

Some women experience constipation as the intestines become more relaxed due to hormonal changes and a saddle change is also seen within a week of being pregnant along with swelling of the stomach. The dresses become tighter around the waist and this more than anything points to pregnancy.

Finally food cravings act as one of the first signs of pregnancy.

Women crave certain foods and can be turned off by certain foods. They become sensitive to smell and taste and can experience nausea when confronted with cigarette smoke and smells of garlic etc.

Some pregnant women suffer from back aches and headaches and are plagued by dizziness and tiredness. All these can be taken as first signs of pregnancy.

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