Get to know the various Stages of Pregnancy

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Stages of Pregnancy

By 36 weeks of pregnancy is said to be the most important stage for a women. This is the stage where the fetal development of the uterus womb is detected. The actual weight of the mother and the child is measured at this stage. From the 36 weeks pregnant with twins , one of your baby twin will slowly move into the pelvic area, this pelvic cavity area are fully protected by the pelvic bones  this position of the baby will help to clear the spaces required for  his buttocks and leg growing spaces. See also : 1 Week Pregnant symptoms- Mother and Baby at 1 Week Pregnant

There is some kind of downy hair which covers the twins; in the cervix a white substance will cover the layer of the fetus. The twins will swallow these lanugo as it is said to be the exterior coating, it is then stored in their bowels. This stage is known to be the baby’s first stage of movement, the waste which is black in color is called as meconium.

The Development Stage of Pregnancy

The total weight for a twin pregnancy weighs between 35 to 45 pounds. Most of the twin pregnancy is born in this period; the twin’s late preterm makes the survival healthy. Twins which are born during this week will have numerous health issues.  Most of the twins stay in the hospital with the help of the NICU. In case if you are planning for a c section then you have to fix your schedule with the doctor prior to your due date. By these 36 weeks, the full development of the baby could be seen; hopefully it is a period of anxiety. The twins organs are fully developed, the lungs alone will be in a stage to reach its maturity. See also : 2 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms – Mother and Baby 2 Weeks Pregnant

If you are expecting for a twins then it is always best to start earlier. The pressure Symptoms During Pregnancy Incorporated in a twin pregnancy is always double and the neck of the cervix regions open at an earlier stage much early than the normal pregnancy. Some of the common problems faced during a twin or a normal pregnancy includes the bladder and bowel problems, change in the skin color, swelling of legs, cramps, vericous vein, fatigue, indigestion problems, frequent headaches, itching and morning sickness. The real truth about pregnancy is that even if everything goes normal, there are some symptoms and risks involved.

36 weeks pregnant with twins
36 weeks pregnant with twins

Blood Tests

There will be some kind of discomfort arising during pregnancy. Blood tests at early stage of pregnancy will help you to identify the blood group and the genes syndrome. Anemia during pregnancy is also the most common syndrome which occurs; this is mainly caused due to blood disorder. When the hemoglobin seems to be at a low level there will be some problem in the blood vessels, red blood corpuscles and the white blood corpuscles.  These vessels will determine the blood count of your body. During pregnancy 50% of more blood is required for pumping as this will supply blood to the baby, loss of appetite and weight loss will also occur.

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