Healthy Pregnancy Diet, Weight Gain and Portion Control

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Healthy Pregnancy Diet – Concerned about weight gain during pregnancy? A healthy pregnancy diet is the best way to keep that baby fat at a minimum while ensuring baby the very best start possible.

How Much Weight Should I Gain in Pregnancy?

I hear it all the time from the students in my prenatal classes: they are putting on pounds but not certain if they are doing it the right way. Many a mommy to be has fretted over her desire to have healthy baby, while feeling guilty about hating the extra weight. see also : The Importance of A Healthy Diet When Pregnant

Don’t feel bad, get informed. If you start pregnancy at a normal, healthy weight for your size you can expect to put on 20-30 pounds of pregnancy weight. If you are eating a healthy diet only 5-7 of these pounds will be extra fat stores.

healthy pregnancy diet
healthy pregnancy diet

When Should I Gain the Weight?

Contrary to what most women believe your weight should not begin to spiral upwards form the moment baby takes up residence in your womb.

Sensible pregnancy diets followed from the first day of pregnancy will actually keep weight gain at a minimum until the first trimester is at an end.

You should only gain 3-5 pounds during the first trimester. After that, weight should climb slowly each month until the last few weeks of gestation when your baby can be growing as much as a pound a week.

Healthy Pregnancy Diet and Portion Control

One of the biggest missteps even health conscious moms make is that of portion control.

The old notion that eating for two means you can have twice as much of everything only leads to gaining excessive fat during pregnancy.

To keep your body from increasing the size of its fat stores beyond what is healthy and necessary for baby’s well being, pay close attention to portion size.

The average American has no idea what a healthy, reasonable serving size is. With restaurants outdoing each other offering ultra-super sized foods it is little wonder the eating public is confused.

Real portion sizes recommended by the USDA are much smaller than what most of us realize. One slice of bread, a third of a bagel or a half cup or cooked rice equals one portion of grains. A single serving of meats is about 3 oz, or a slice the size of a deck of cards.

Veggies and fruits when eaten fresh and raw should be about the size of a 60 watt light bulb if you want one portion.

Healthy pregnancy diets also lay the foundation for easy post partum weight loss.

Increasing your caloric intake of these nutritious foods by only 300 calories will see your baby belly grow at a healthy rate as your baby increases in size.

A healthy pregnancy include a wide variety of fresh foods, eaten in reasonable portions.

Your baby and your scale will thank you for all the efforts you put into following the guidelines of healthy pregnancy diets. see also : The Importance of Water During Pregnancy

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