Helping Young Teen Moms Have A Healthy baby

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Insure A Healthy Baby and The Young Teen Mom

In teenage pregnancy or middle-aged pregnancy the results are the same: having a Healthy Babies…that a new life is created.

This baby did not ask to be born. It just happened. Babies born to teen moms have an uphill battle, as do their young mothers. This does not mean that your teen mom or dad, won’t have a healthy baby or have one whose future is defined by jail time, promiscuity and drug abuse. Those statistics are just numbers and do not need to haunt your future. see also :Getting Real about Teenage Pregnancies

This baby has potential to be great, and you can ensure it will be. The first step in protecting the baby of a teen parent is to protect that teen.

Getting an education and a stable career that will provide for the teen mom’s needs as a well as her baby’s is a sacrifice worth making. As a friend, grandparent or concerned neighbor you can baby sit, help with household chores, allow teen parents to stay at home and above all encourage them to stick to their educational goals and dreams.

Teenage pregnancies are only as tragic as you allow them to be. All the promise is not sucked out of a teen girl when the sperm enters the egg. She is the same girl, plus one.

how to have a healthy baby
how to have a healthy baby

Babies of teen moms who get their high school and college educations are far more likely to do so themselves, all while avoiding the sad teenage pregnancy statistics that predict catastrophe for the child of a teen mom.

The Ripples

Did you ever stop to think how teenage pregnancies affect you? If you are a sexually active teen maybe this thought never crossed your mind until you noticed your monthly gift was running a bit late.

As the parent of a teen girl, I can almost guarantee the thoughts of (or worries about) teenage pregnancies began long before the stroller was exchanged for the car keys.

The effects of teenage pregnancy on everyone in the community, whether you are carrying the child, fathered the child, are related to the baby or just a friend. The ripple effects of teenage pregnancies are so universal that media outlets and television shows exploit the drama of teen motherhood to increase viewership.

Believe me, however, this drama is real. It changes lives and is anything but entertaining to those who live it. And guess what? When you least expect it, teenage pregnancies can impact your life. see also :Discussing the Effects of Teen Pregnancy

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