How Soon Does Morning sickness start and how to prevent and cure it?

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When your wife asks you like “How soon does morning sickness start?” You will need more information about that to calm your wife. This is the time when husband must know anything about pregnancy too. It is such precious care if you can answer and take care your pregnant wife in proper way. Morning sickness occurs because of an increase in hormones during pregnancy. During pregnancy the hormones estrogen and progesterone production increases that will affect neuronal function and the function of other organs. According Dr Marjorie Greenfield stated that approximately 70% of pregnant women undergo morning sickness and 50% undergo vomiting. Although it was considered as very common but symptoms vary in each individual. Even in some cases pregnant women may experience morning sickness all day, just in the morning or some are experiencing an increase in the night thus affecting sleep time. Morning sickness usually occurs at six weeks of gestation or less and will be increased as they experienced a peak in the eighth and ninth week of pregnancy. The beginning of morning sickness during pregnancy makes mixed feelings. On the one hand, possible nausea can make you feel at ease in the early stages of pregnancy (because knowing that pregnancy hormones running normally). On the other hand, morning sickness can also be very annoying, wasting time at work, difficulty performing daily activities, and disrupt the sense of joy news of your pregnancy.


After you can answer a basic question, you need to give better information too and should say to your wife that it would be better to ask how to cure morning sickness than “How soon does morning sickness start?” because almost every pregnant women will experience this phenomena in their first 3 month of their pregnancy. Thus, what rather question that is better?

Does morning sickness dangerous?

Morning sickness occurs due to change of pregnancy hormone that can happen anytime, anywhere and in any event so as you would be bothered with daily activities during pregnancy in the first trimester. Nevertheless for those who experience morning sickness with normal and will not be able to overcome perceived harm but if you have morning sickness with some severe symptoms may be caused not only influenced by the hormones of pregnancy but gravidarium hyperemesis syndrome. For your morning sickness is usually characterized by abnormal can not receive food and nausea when you consume the water making it easier to dehydration coupled with negative thoughts about food and do not have a sense of craving certain foods (cravings). Consult your gynecologist immediately to resolve it.

Is morning sickness natural thing?

Morning sickness is experienced by at least 80% of women in the first trimester in the world

What causes morning sickness?

Although pregnant women experience morning sickness, but scientists rarely know why it can happen in almost all pregnant women. To be sure, this is due to the hormones of pregnancy, especially HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). HCG will experience the peak of the current state of pregnancy was 10 weeks, which is where most of the pregnant women have sick and wanted to vomit. Most pregnant women will stop feeling sick and wanted to vomit during pregnancy was 16 weeks, but some are still experiencing throughout pregnancy but not only hCG causes morning sickness. Changes in levels of estrogen and thyroid hormone, thyroxin also includes the cause. Other possible causes of a change in blood pressure and also changes the body’s metabolism

Is there anything wrong if it does not feel morning sickness? If it takes long time to undergo then how soon does morning sickness start?

As if it said in the beginning, morning sickness usually start in the first 3 month of pregnancy. It can occur even in very first week of pregnancy. Do not think that if you do not experience morning sickness, there are problems in your pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different. The number who is experiencing morning sickness is severe; there is also the experience of her only briefly. There also are not experienced at all

Is there a way to prevent morning sickness?

Probably would not make sense to avoid morning sickness as a whole, but many studies suggest consuming prenatal vitamins before conception to reduce nausea and morning sickness sick at the time. Continuing vitamins will also help overcome morning sickness. Ask your gynecologist for proper dosage for you, because everyone had a different experience.

Another better question than how soon does morning sickness start is about curing and reducing. Here are some tips for it,

How to cope with morning sickness?

Morning sickness is a common symptom although it does not mean you have to leave it alone. Nausea and vomiting that you will naturally affect the fetus so you have to have a way to cope with morning sickness that occurs, the following ways:

  1. Eat small portions.

When you’re pregnant in the first trimester of morning sickness disorder, It will affect the intake of nutrients that otherwise might interfere with fetal development, you have to do is to create a meal schedule. At the time of pregnancy try to eat in small quantities but you need to make it in regular in schedule so that you can accept digestion. Choose foods with the nutrients needed to provide more benefits for the content especially in the first trimester to strengthen your baby.

  1. Wake up with the rest in advance.

When you wake up in the morning, jump out of bed and there will be a good idea to do a few minutes to sit down and get up slowly. Some women who are pregnant do cope with morning sickness by providing some crackers before getting in bed to reduce excessive nausea in the morning. So the best thing for you that are not familiar with the food  is to give rest breaks first.

  1. Avoid spicy and fatty foods.

Although it is considered improved in days but it does not mean that you can give without the control of food intake during the day. During pregnancy, it is very necessary to make selection of food. If you are careless, it will cause some health problems. Spicy and fatty foods besides also interfere with digestion because it would interfere with your trigger sickness. Drink more water than usual so that you avoid dehydration during pregnancy.

So, after read it all to answer your panic wife asking how soon does morning sickness start, you can answer more than usual. The answer and explanation above can sum up how care you do when your pregnant wife experience morning sickness.

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