How To Get Pregnant Fast – My Plan of Action

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Get Pregnant Fast
Get pregnant fast

When my husband, Jim, and I got married, we had planned to have an average size family of 2 to 3 children. I never thought I would be trying to figure out how to get pregnant fast! My dream of motherhood has turned into an infertility nightmare! See also : Use A Fertility Calendar Or Calculator To Increase Your Chances

So my plan of action was to first find out if I had a fertility problem. I got a lot of tests done and found out that nothing was wrong with me.

The next step was to see if the love of my life, Jim, was low on his sperm count. This proved not to be the solution because his sperm count was higher than average.

I been charting my BBT like I was a crazy woman and when I started ovulating, I was ready to have sex! I didn’t tell my husband that I was ovulating because most men do not like “planned” sex.  They love it when it is spontaneous. So what I usually do is put on a sexy outfit and that gets him going like a mad man!


I would have needed an advanced calculator to count how many times we made love yet we were NOT successful!

After many many months of failures, I was getting extremely depressed and impatient. I wanted to know how to get pregnant fast! It’s been too long! I knew in my heart and soul that I would get pregnant one day but when?

What was I doing wrong to be infertile for almost 2 years? See also : My Powerful Tips On How To Get Pregnant Fast

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