How To Get Pregnant With A Boy – 3 Mistakes To Absolutely Avoid If You Want To Conceive A Baby Boy

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How To Get Pregnant With A Boy
How To Get Pregnant With A Boy

How to get pregnant with a boy is a crucial question wether you’ve always wanted a bouncing baby boy or succeeded only to conceive  girls. If you want to complete your family with a son, you should know that gender selection is fortunately possible. Here are a few things to absolutely avoid if you are trying to get pregnant with a baby boy. See also :How to answer an embarrassing question: how to get pregnant with a boy?

How to get pregnant with a boy: the basics

Firstly, you should know that a boy is conceived when the Y chromosome fertilises a females egg. Male sperm is made up of Y chromosomes and X chromosomes, the X chromosomes for creating girls and the Y chromosomes for creating boys.  Luckily for you, the Y chromosomes are the fastest but they are also weaker than the X chromosomes. So your goal is to slow down the X chromosomes, allowing the Y chromosomes the chance to fertilize the egg.

Giving advantage to the Y chromosomes

Here are three things to avoid when trying to give the Y chromosomes the advantage:

– The most important trick on how to get pregnant with a boy is having sex on the day you ovulate, no later, no sooner. So don’t guess your date or take a chance. If you want to conceive a boy you will have to be absolutely certain it is your day, you can do this by taking an ovulation test or using an online ovulation calculator. This will insure your chances of having a boy are at their peak and that the race between X and Y chromosomes will have high advantages of being won by a boy-creating Y chromosome.

– Your vagina’s PH count is very important to take into account when trying to up your chances of a boy. As the Y chromosomes are so weak, an acidic environment might kill them or give the X chromosomes the upper hand which is exactly what you don’t want. Make sure you test your PH levels by using a saliva testing strip at a pharmacy. Depending on whether you have high PH levels, you should avoid eating foods with high PH levels. So either go on a low PH food diet or you can douche or even both, depending on how determined you are on having a boy.

– The last thing you need to take into account is intercourse position. Seeing as the Y chromosomes are faster and weaker, deep penetration is the best bet to creating a baby boy. Elevating your hips or using a pillow under your hips are both the most common methods, but each couple has their own method for doing this, so experiment and figure out the deepest penetrating position that will allow you to conceive your baby boy.

How to get pregnant with a boy: conclusion

If you stick to these tips on how to get pregnant with a boy and put them into play, the chances of giving birth to a baby wrapped in a blue blanket are higher than any other methods. These simple tips is to ensure that you reach your dream, so get the blue paint out and start preparing your baby boy’s room because it’ll soon be a reality and a new addition to your family..

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