How To Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant

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Chances Of Getting Pregnant – How does one increase her chances of getting pregnant?  Isn’t it interesting that so much time is consumed in trying to not get pregnant that when couples actually want a baby, it is discouraging when they discover that there is more to getting pregnant than just terminating contraception? One of the first things is to be aware of the body’s fertility signals; translated that means get in touch with the body’s rhythm. See also :How To Get Pregnant Easy: 3 Tips On How To Get Pregnant Now

First, understand what happens during the menstruation cycle:  Estrogen increases early in the cycle, preparing for a pregnancy.  Around the middle of the cycle, just before ovulation, estrogen peaks; this initializes the release of an egg.  Now, that egg can be fertilized but only for something less than 24 hours.


This is the time when intercourse can result in a pregnancy.  Then, following ovulation, progesterone rises and estrogen drops.  Progesterone supports the fertilized egg and promotes its implant on the wall of the uterus.   How can this process become a success?

Tips On Getting Pregnant Fast

First, to increase chances of getting pregnant men need to remember that testosterone levels and sperm counts are important.  One way to improve both is enhanced consumption of zinc.  So, eat lots of leans meats, eggs, seafood and whole grains.  Also increased intake of calcium and vitamin D can’t hurt since they also increase male fertility.

Ladies, don’t drink or smoke and stay away from toxic substances like household cleaners.  Chocolate and caffeine are not good.  Too much exercise when pregnant produces low body fat which inhibits fertility.  The key is to stay active, but not too much.

Guys, you pants can be too tight.  Sperm production is reduced if the testicles get too hot.  So wear loose boxers, stay out of hot tubs and watch the bicycling.

As a couple, to increase chances of getting pregnant, see your doctor and review family history.  Make sure that both are in good health.

That “window of opportunity” or the 24 hours when the egg can be fertilized provides an opportunity have intercourse as much as possible.  A man’s testosterone levels and sperm count are greater earlier in the day, so consider that when planning intercourse.

It seems that how sex is performed is also important.  Stay with the “missionary position” for best penetration and the best placement of sperm nearest the cervix.

Just to complicate it all, don’t forget that stress can interfere with the normal ovulation cycle, destroy the sex drive and cause a man’s testosterone levels and sperm count to drop.  So, if you want to increase chances of getting pregnant, try and relax and enjoy the process.

So to summarize the baby making operation one needs to first understand the physiological process.  Then there is the need for good health, a good pregnancy diet, good timing and good positioning. Finally, there is good luck.

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