Morning Sickness Survival Tips

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Morning Sickness
Morning Sickness

Many women will suffer from morning sickness in the first trimester of their pregnancy. For the unlucky ones, it may even last up to 12 weeks.  Since some women can be affected more than others with different levels of symptoms, it is difficult to suggest one miracle cure for all of morning sickness. However, there are many tips that you can keep in a list at the side of your bed in case are one of the ones that are hit hard by it and need some relief. see also :  Keeping fit during pregnancy

  • Blood sugar level
    There is a theory that your morning sickness occurs when you wake up because that is the time when your blood sugar level is at it’s lowest.
    It might be a good idea to eat a high protein snack right before bed and then grab a little bite of something each time you wake to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. It just might be enough to make a difference!
    You might also want to try eating something light before even getting out of bed and then getting out of bed slowly.
  • Is water making things worse?
    Some women complain that drinking water actually makes things worse when suffering from morning sickness. It’s extremely important to stay well-hydrated during pregnancy, but there are a couple alternatives that might do the trick:
    Try to have fruit smoothies made with crushed ice.  You can also try carbonated water that has small amounts of fruit flavoring. Some women have even claimed that drinking ICE COLD water with lemon makes a difference. Then, there’s always tea, but drink decaf.  It doesn’t hurt to try them all, and all the while, you’re staying hydrated.
  • Smelly situations
    Your nose is on high alert in the early stages of pregnancy. All smells, including the bad ones, are unfortunately heightened to an alarming degree. Avoiding nasty smells that are causing nausea is sometimes all that’s needed to stop that regular morning sickness. Sometimes just the kitchen trash, or even morning breath can be enough to trigger it. see also :  Cramps During Early Pregnancy are Common!

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