Overcoming Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

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hemorrhoids during pregnancy
hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy may pose serious health problems for the expectant mothers. Usually, women face this annoying problem during their pregnancy days and gets worried due this painful condition. The conditions associated with hemorrhoids badly affect the overall health and well being of the expectant mothers. This ailment prevents them from taking a restful sleep and keep them in continuous trouble.
The hemorrhoids may prove to be a serious threat to the health of unborn baby too, as these may cause trouble during delivery of the bay. see also : Useful Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Reasons of developing hemorrhoids during pregnancy

During pregnancy, hemorrhoids may occur because of extra pressure and strain applied on the areas around the rectum and the anus. This pressure may cause due to growing fetus or some other health related issues, like diarrhea. Once any expectant mother faces hemorrhoids during pregnancy, then she must ensure to take adequate medical treatment so as to get these hemorrhoids under control so as to avoid any serious threat to unborn baby during pregnancy or at the time of delivery of the baby.

How to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy

If you are an expectant mother and diagnosed with hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Don’t worry, it is a very common problem with many expectant moms like you, and can be cured with proper care and adequate treatment. Even there are many home remedies for hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

As a measure to treat the hemorrhoids at home, you can put ice packs around the areas affected by piles. It will reduce the size of the piles considerably. This seems a joke! Yet efficacy of this method is well proven. Just give it a try and you will feel the results by yourself.

This is a very simple method and easy to apply. Simply, put some ice cubes in a clean sock or napkin and gently rub these wrapped ice cubes on the piles for a few minutes, you may put it on the piles for a few more minutes. Repeat this process twice or thrice a day for a few days and hemorrhoids will be disappeared gradually. If you feel any difficulty in performing this technique by yourself, you may seek the help of your spouse.
Prevent diarrhea and constipation:
For the patients suffering from hemorrhoids during pregnancy, diarrhea as well as the constipation are equally harmful.

So you need to avoid or prevent the diarrhea and constipation. Actually, in both the cases, there would be extra strain on the areas surrounding the rectum and the anus and may prompt development of hemorrhoids. Therefore, expectant moms are suggested to take fiber rich food and use adequate volume of water to avoid constipation during pregnancy.
Sit in warm water bathtubs: Sitting in a warm water bathtub for a few minutes daily, will be helpful for reducing the size of hemorrhoids. Give it a try for five days at least.

Home remedies for hemorrhoids

As home remedies for hemorrhoids expectant mothers should pay great attention to their diet and hygiene so as to avoid the development of hemorrhoids during pregnancy. However, in case the hemorrhoids are already developed, following above techniques will be really helpful to keep this condition under control. see also : Bleeding Hemorrhoids during pregnancy

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