Pregnancy Week 14 : What To Expect

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14 weeks pregnant symptoms ultrasound
14 weeks pregnant symptoms ultrasound

14 weeks pregnant symptoms – Pregnancy week 14 is the beginning of your second trimester. Let’s see what happens…

How’s Your Baby Coming Along?

Welcome to the second trimester.

Progressing pregnancy month by month brings you closer to life on the outside and with the dawn of your second trimester the chances of miscarriage drop significantly.

This means baby, you are essentially here for the duration.

In addition to passing of this milestone baby is the size of a plum and growing rapidly: the teeth are forming in the gums and those arms and legs are complete with fingers and toes now devoid of webbing.

Soon, mom will feel baby’s first movements and pregnancy will never be the same. see also : Pregnancy Week 13 : What To Expect

And Mom?

You’ve had your first prenatal visit and if it followed most standard visits you had blood pressure taken… your weight announced… blood tests…

… and your pregnancy confirmed by a urine test and sometimes a pelvic exam as well.

If you didn‘t get a blood draw at your first prenatal appointment you will at this next visit, which should be this week sometime.

The blood tests screen for birth defects, nutrition deficits and other conditions which might need careful attention to ensure a healthy outcome for you and your baby at delivery.

At this time your belly is growing large and you may begin to feel more discomfort from the bottom of your belly; this sharp or twisting sensation is known as round ligament pain.

It is caused by the ligaments which connect your uterus to your pelvis resenting the tightness to which they are being drawn as baby grows.

You can alleviate this unpleasantness with light massage of the area, heat and pelvic rocks or the yoga posture called cat and cow pose.

How’s Dad Feeling?

If you waited to know for certain this pregnancy was going to stick around before making any announcements, now is the time to begin spreading the news! see also :Pregnancy Week 12 : What To Expect

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