Pregnancy Week 15 : What To Expect

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15 weeks pregnant symptoms
15 weeks pregnant symptoms

Read on to learn what happens in pregnancy week 15…

How’s Your Baby Doing?

The name of the baby game this week is amniotic fluid!

This marvelous substance that creates your baby’s own private swimming pool does more than simply fill the extra space. see also : Bleeding Hemorrhoids during pregnancy

It cushions your baby from harm by absorbing any pressure placed on the belly by an accidental brush against a table or fall. Baby also makes the most of this fluid.

In fact this week your baby begins to give his lungs a workout in preparation for breathing on the outside.

In the absence of air inside your uterus, amniotic fluid stands in as the practice breath medium.

Your baby also strengthens sucking and swallowing muscles by swallowing amniotic fluid and is passing urine.

So for the time being revel in the knowledge that while urine is flowing, this is one diaper you don’t have to change!

How’s Mom Going In Pregnancy Week 15?

Have you heard of the pregnancy glow?

Of course you have, but what you didn’t know is that in addition to the aura of graceful femininity pregnancy bestows some most un-flattering qualities.

Flatulence is one, along with an ever increasing appetite that would out rival a malnourished pig at slopping for another. You can combat both these less desirable pregnancy gifts by adjusting your menu.

Of course it is not reasonable to skip all fun foods…

… But do up the health factor of your snacks and carry one everywhere you go so when hunger strikes you don’t dive for the nearest drive through and a triple stack bacon cheese fat burger delight.

Getting quick snacks that are easy to grab and go while still packing a huge nutritive wallop one thing.

But putting them on the plate and in your mouth is even better and the first step to that goal is having them out of your pantry and immediately on hand when you need them.

Starting to outgrow your clothes?

Not ready for maternity clothes yet?

Extend the life of your pre-maternity wardrobe.

You can use a simple rubber band threaded through your favorite jean’s button hole and looped around the button for instant increase in inches.

You can also look into one of many products designed to transform your everyday wear into maternity wear.

Stop by Pea in the Pod, Mommy and Me or Motherhood for the latest products and up to the second fashion trends for mom to be.

And What Should Dad Be Doing?

If you haven’t done so already start clicking photos!

It is fun to look back and reminisce; having photographic proof makes this even better.

Your baby will also love to see pictures of all the places mommy took her before she sat in the snuggly or stroller.

The changes taking place might seem subtle, but photos are worth a thousand words in chronicling the transformation happening right before your eyes.

While you’re at it build a blog to share baby, mommy and maternity news. Here you can post the first pregnancy photos as well as baby pics as they become available.

It is a great way to keep friends and family in the loop without them storming your hospital room like the troops on D-day.

Creating the blog now and constantly pointing interested parties to it for updates will find well intentioned and concerned friends going to the net, rather than you when the baby comes.

I hope this gives you a good run down of what to expect in pregnancy week 15! see also : What Should You Do If You Are Pregnant And Get Hemorrhoids?

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