Pregnancy Week 19 : What To Expect

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19 weeks pregnant
19 weeks pregnant

Let’s take a look at what happens in pregnancy week 19…

How’s Your Baby Going?

Have you felt a funny rhythmical jumping in your belly?

If not you soon will because your baby has learned to hiccup! Babies hiccup all the time in the womb.

No one is certain as to the cause or benefit of the frequent bouts of hiccups.

But it is fun, and if dad hasn’t been quick enough to feel the baby move yet or if impatient older siblings don’t stick around long enough you can take advantage of baby’s hiccups by having them place a hand on your belly.

They are certain to be rewarded with their first feeling of a fetal hiccupping jump! see also : Pregnancy Week 18 : What To Expect

And Mom In Pregnancy Week 19?

Mom, you are certain to be paying more attention to nutrition labels than ever before and evaluating every morsel that enters your mouth…

… but are you remembering one vital element of balanced nutrition? Water!

It can’t be replicated or replaced by other fluids so drink up!

Dehydration is responsible for many pregnancy complications like: fatigue and lagging energy, preterm labor and hormone fluctuations.

Getting enough water is also vital to amniotic fluid levels.

The amniotic fluid is completely regenerated every 3 hours, and your body needs water in large quantities to meet this ever present demand.

Do You Have To Go To Prenatal Classes, Dad?

Why do you need to attend a prenatal class? If your idea of attending a prenatal class falls under the heading ‘cruel and unusual’ you are not alone.

Dads are often dragged along to prenatal classes murmuring something about a desire to be supportive, but you really can gain a lot.

Labor and birth are not easy to watch.

There is a lot of pain, intensity, emotions, blood and other bodily fluids and other less palatable occurrences.

Heading into the delivery room without a clue as to what ride you just got on is not a good idea.

Prenatal classes will prepare you for what lies ahead and allow you to sail right through delivery being hailed as the supportive source of comfort and unflappable rock of calm, clear headedness that you are. see also: Pregnancy Week 17 : What To Expect

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