Pregnancy Week 21 : What To Expect

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21 weeks pregnant symptoms
21 weeks pregnant symptoms

21 weeks pregnant symptoms – What’s happening in pregnancy week 21? Read on to find out!

How’s Your Baby Developing?

At this point in the pregnancy timeline, baby, your measurements change a little.

Before this point the overall length of your little nipper was calculated from crown to rump (CtR), but from now on your baby legs and toes are well formed enough to measure up. So from here on out length is taken from head to ten perfect little toes.

Other changes this week include a more complete formation of baby’s skin.

It is now growing and dividing into the epidermal layers.

The fingerprints unique to your baby are developing so later in life you will be able to know who left their little marks on your mirrors, window and walls and absolute certainty. see also : Pregnancy Week 20 : What To Expect

Don’t Forget, Mom!

Don’t forget about maternity leave!

Sure you have 20 more weeks until you will be taking it, but you will want to have all your questions answered now.

Toward the end of pregnancy your mind will shift gears significantly to focus less on the mundane of work schedules and paying the bills, more to the fact that baby is coming out and you need to be ready.

Take that stress off your plate and get your maternity leave/compensation questions answered now.

You really should get to the dentist too.

Pregnancy alters the acidity of your saliva making your teeth more susceptible to decay. So get ready to fight cavities now and schedule a dental check-up!

Don’t Be Offended, Dad

You may have been feeling a bit offended by baby’s seeming lack of attention to you, or a perceived snubbing.

Your wife calls “come quick the baby is moving” and your only reward for the mad dash across the living room is a bruised shin and a patronizing look from mom “well, she was moving…your touch must be very calming!”

This is very common.

Baby doesn’t play favorites, so the chances are up until now she has just been too small to make those feet pack enough wallop for you to feel.

But by the 20-22 week mark you should finally be rewarded with a real kick instead of a wild goose chase across your wife’s belly as she takes your hand, and asks expectantly ‘did you feel that’.

You will feel it, and the evening’s entertainment will never be the same again.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this overview of what’s happening in pregnancy week 21! see also : Pregnancy Week 19 : What To Expect

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