Signs of Ovulation

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Signs of Ovulation – It’s crucial to know the signs of ovulation. Once you’ve ovulated, baby-dance as the chances of conceiving is high (duh!).

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  • Changes in Cervical Fluid
    Fluid will be thin, clear and sticky/stretchy – resembling like egg whites.
    But of course, certain activities like going to the SPA, showering, swimming, .etc. can also cause a change in Cervical Fluid.
  • Light-Spotting
    Women have also reported that when ovulation is about to occur; they will have symptoms of light spotting. Usually the color is brown-stain like or pink. But not all women have this and it’s not an accurate sign.
  • Sensitive Senses
    There are also women who experienced high sensitivity to sight, taste or smell when they are ovulating.
  • Body Temperature
    A surge in body temperature which stays consistently high is also a sign of ovulation.
  • Sex Drive
    An increase in sex drive is also a symptom of ovulation.

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But to take note that these signs aren’t accurate at all. If you have more than 2-3 signs, there’s a chance you’re ovulating.

Still, there’s no guarantee as it could be caused by several coincidental factors.

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