Signs of Pregnancy After Missed Period

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Signs of Pregnancy After Missed Period

Signs of pregnancy after missed period are many and vary from person to person. The delay or difference in menstruation can be caused by excessive weight gain and loss, fatigue, stopping of the pill hormonal imbalance, emotional stress, and may even be stopping breast feeding. See also :  Signs of Pregnancy After 1 Month

Nausea or morning sickness can occur at anytime of the day and result in weakness. Nausea is one of the firstsigns of pregnancy after missed period.

Another one is desperately craving certain foods at the same time experiencing aversion to some of the most common foods and is experienced throughout pregnancy.

As mentioned above in addition to food cravings, aversion to food is also seen and pregnant women begin to avoid some of their favourite dishes due to a heightened sense of smell and are considered one of the first signs of pregnancy after missed period.

Breast tenderness and change in areolas size and color are one of the symptoms of early pregnancy. During pregnancy, breast size increases significantly and the areolas turn from pink to brown and the areola grows in size during pregnancy.

Most women do experience slight bleeding or spotting which is known as implantation bleeding and this can also be followed by mild abdominal cramps which are taken as first signs of pregnancy after missed period.

Frequent urination due to increasing pressure on the uterus may occur along with fainting and fatigue due to increased levels of progesterone. This is mostly accompanied by constipation back aches, leg pain and headaches. Pregnancy makes women happy, but also creates stress and mood swings, depression, anxiety, etc. which are common signs of pregnancy after missed period.

Do confirm it with a home pregnancy test or even consult your doctor to obtain more precise results as home pregnancy tests can show false results whereas a doctor will give accurate results. Keep in mind that the symptoms and signs of pregnancy after missed period can be misleading. See also : 10 Signs of Pregnancy

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