Signs of Pregnancy

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Signs of Pregnancy
Signs of Pregnancy

There are a few signs of pregnancy that appear most commonly. These may not be specific and may differ from person to person and are just an indication of sickness that can or may probably be pregnancy. The following are few of the most common symptoms seen in women during pregnancy. See also : First Signs of Pregnancy

The most common symptom women notice is a missed period which is also considered one of the first signs of pregnancy. But irregular periods are common in most women nowadays and therefore they never take this as a symptom. Other illnesses such as stress, losing or gaining weight and even leaving the pill may result in missed period. Sometimes women have been heard saying that they feel pregnant even before they miss a period.

One of the other initial signs of pregnancy is mild to heavy bleeding which is normally earlier than regular periods and is due to uterine contraction. Tender or swollen breasts mainly caused due to the hormonal changes are also seen. The area around the areola appears darker and maybe even a tingling sensation may be felt by some women.

Morning sickness or nausea is another one of the classic signs of pregnancy and it can occur during anytime of the day. Some women show this symptom as early as 2 weeks after conception, others are lucky enough not to experience it all. Along with this some women suffer from the urge to urinate more often than normal due to the pressure that the uterus exerts on the bladder and this is more likely to increase as the months go by.

Constipation, another one of the signs of pregnancy is caused due to the slow movement of food to the intestines due to progesterone level increase in the body. Most women are prone to back aches, headaches, fatigue and dizziness due to the hormonal changes occurring in the body.

Abdominal swelling, increase in basal body temperature, mood swings and craving for food are also seen as signs of pregnancy.

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