Types Of Pregnancy Complications

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pregnancy complications
pregnancy complications

Most people don’t realize how common complications during pregnancy is until they decide to get pregnant themselves and start looking into it. Early pregnancy complications can arise (with no fault to anyone) in any woman even if she is perfectly health, and has had perfectly healthy children in the past. see also : Tips For A Healthy Mom And Baby

Here are some complications that are common as well as few things to look out for during pregnancy:

Early pregnancy complications that can arise
Once you are pregnant, the first thing you’re going to do is see your obstetrician/gynecologist. You will have an ultrasound done to ensure the pregnancy is advancing as it should and then also have repeated visits to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Two of the most common pregnancy complications early on are:

  • Ectopic pregnancy
    One of the most common complications in pregnancies early on is when the egg is fertilized outside of the womb and begins to develop i the ovary or the fallopian tube. This puts both the fetus and the mother in danger and usually will require surgery. Otherwise, those tubes could burst, creating internal bleeding and sometimes even death.
  • Miscarriage
    There are several complications that can happen in early pregnancy that can cause heavy bleeding and/or result in the baby’s death. These can range from blood clotting, structural problems, infection, or other complications. Sometimes lifestyle choices can have a negative effect on the pregnancy as well such as smoking, alcohol, caffeine, etc.

Higher risks
Although early complications in pregnancy  can happen to anyone,  some women will be at higher risk. Women who are over thirty years old have a higher risk of bearing a child with brith defects compared to those who are under thirty. If you are over thirty five, then you also have an increased risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and other issues. However, today’s technology allows doctors to detect early signs for most of these complications and usually can be treated.

Ultimately, it is good to be aware of these things and consult your doctor on a regular basis durig pregnancy, but not to let it stress you out. Talking with your doctors regularly can usually help ease some of the anxiety or stress you may be feeling, but will also help to ensure that everything is going as planned if you stay up to date with regular appointments and check ups. see also : Morning Sickness Survival Tips

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