Warning Signs of Pregnancy

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Warning Signs of Pregnancy
Warning Signs of Pregnancy

Many changes occur in the body of women during pregnancy, and there are signs which give a warning signal, with which women should be careful. Generally, spotting is one of the early signs of pregnancy, which would not be sighted easily, since they are only light spotting. Women, who check their body regularly, would be able to realize the difference with light spotting. This is one of the warning signs of pregnancy for women. see also : Unusual Signs Of Pregnancy

Missed period is one of the signs that show a woman may be pregnant and of course, there are other reasons also for this, such as, change in food system, exercises level and stress. It would be the best way to visit the physician to check whether the missed period is due to pregnancy or not. This is one of the known warning signs of pregnancy for women.

During early stages of pregnancy, enlargement of breasts take place, this would be visible for women to feel the difference from their normal sizes. Further, tenderness with the breasts is also felt by pregnant women. Change in color of the area around nipples would be visible for pregnant women. Women should not take this as one of the warning signs of pregnancy. The enlargement of breasts may be reduced after some weeks, but the color in the area of nipples would remain the same until the last stage of pregnancy.

There are many reasons for fatigue and of course, pregnancy could be one of the reasons for this. If women feel that they don’t need a child, they should take steps as soon as they realize the warning signs of pregnancy to avoid further complications. If women have fatigue, it would be better for them to test with their doctors.

They know how to avoid unwanted pregnancy. These early signs are very helpful for women to know that they are pregnant and they should take care both for mothers and babies. see also : Signs of Pregnancy After 3 Weeks

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