What are the merits and demerits of having a baby at 35 years?

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Having a baby at 35 years old – The age of 35 is quite right for you to become pregnant. It is the right age, but again, you need to take the precautions during pregnancy. You just cannot expect a normal pregnancy at the age of 35. This is where the role of an experienced obstetrician comes into the effect. If you are seriously thinking of pregnancy, obviously the best part is to get the right things done. You have to be sure about taking the right step in the right direction. Pregnancy is a natural phenomenon. With age, there are chances that you develop some or the complex phenomenon. You have to be sure about this thing right at the heart of everything. See also : The Risks of a Pregnancy at 42 can be Avoided with Proper Medical Treatment

Merits of getting pregnant at the age of 35

Financial security is the prime concern. When you are getting pregnant at the age of 35, obviously, you have had all your earlier plans and career options worked out. Now, you don’t have to bear the financial burden of anything. It is not only about bearing the child. You need to be financially secured. Talk of your kid’s education and the social development. All of it comes at a certain price. Everything is associated with money. At 35, you will be financially secured. You know the right way of living. And above all you know what you will be doing. Make sure you check on this point and then make a valuable decision. A woman at the age of 35 usually has a well-established career and she is moving up. She is mentally relaxed as she knows that she has achieved most of the materialistic things she wanted in her life. This is indeed a practical idea to think about. On the contrary, the girl of the age of 24-25 something who is still planning her career, need to make everything come to an abrupt end. This will not work. Pregnancy needs lot of thinking. 35 is still the right age. Do not consider yourself too old.

having baby at 35 years old
having baby at 35 years old

Demerits of pregnancy at 35

The age of 35 is a practical time, when the chances of losing the baby increases manifold. The increased rate of miscarriage, premature births, low birth weight etc. is quite predominating. You need to think about it in an appropriate direction. It is quite obvious. Having a baby at 35s is also accompanied by several cell aberrations, chromosomal deformities and lot of other practical medical problems.

What you should consider

You just cannot expect to have 100% safe pregnancy, until and unless you do everything right. Your gynecologist can be your friend who will keep guiding you what is good for your pregnancy, and what isn’t!

Enjoy the pregnancy. Make sure you check on the above points quite seriously. You should not be considering anything else. It is very necessary that you heed to all the options, permutations and combinations that are otherwise quite necessary for you. In the real world, everything just makes the right sense. 35 is a good age to get pregnant, but only, if you take the precautions and that too in appropriate direction. See also : Ovulation Cycle – understand its various complex sections

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