What Should You Do If You Are Pregnant And Get Hemorrhoids?

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Hemorrhoids, sometime termed as piles, are a common ailment suffered by many men and women alike. However, expectant mothers are extremely susceptible to this problem. Many expectant mothers with hemorrhoids seem really worried about the worsening condition of piles and often search for remedial measures. see also :Avoiding Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy

How to get rid of hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Here we will describe few very helpful tips for getting rid of these hemorrhoids.
With a view to avoid excessive usage of medicines, many of the pregnant mothers prefer to use home remedies.
So, here are few very helpful home remedies for getting rid of hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Swelling in the veins around the anus is the main cause of pain when someone is suffering from hemorrhoids. Applying ice to the area with swelling would be helpful to reduce the swelling, itchy and burn feeling. Wrap up the few ice cubes in a piece of cloth and then apply it the area with piles. It will relieve the pain and piles will be reduced in size within a few days.

In addition to ice, there are few other natural remedies available for treating bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

how to get rid of hemorrhoids during pregnancy
how to get rid of hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Thus, you can use apple cider, clear vinegar and witch hazel for treating hemorrhoids or piles. These natural remedies will reduce the itching or burn feeling.

For simple hemorrhoids or bleeding hemorrhoids, drinking plenty of water will be really helpful to prevent the hemorrhoids from worsening. Actually, adequate consumption of water will soften the stool that would be easy to pass. Contrarily, if you are facing constipation in addition to piles, it will be more troublesome. As a result of constipation, the stool becomes so hard that patient requires more time and effort to pass it through. Consequently, veins around the anus face more strain and pressure causing them to swell and bleed. Therefore, simply taking about 8 to 10 glasses of water daily, will enable you to avoid this painful condition while keeping the stool soft.

Consume fresh fruits and vegetables to get rid of bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy

In addition to taking adequate liquids in form of water and juices, you must ensure to consume fresh fruits and vegetables which are rich in fiber. Such food will improve the efficiency of your digestive system so you may not have to face constipation. Consuming fiber rich food will have a positive impact on your body during pregnancy.
Don’t expose yourself to unnecessary body stress
During pregnancy, you must take special care of yourself and must not involve in any activity that may put extra pressure or stress on your body muscles, especially, the muscles around anus and vicose veins. Similarly, the blood vessels within your bowel wall that may have been already weakened due obvious physical changes in your body and exposing them to uncalled for pressure or strain may worsen the conditions if you are already suffering from hemorrhoids.

Above are few of the many natural treatments available for hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Applying any these natural treatments with permission of your physician would be helpful to a great extent. see also :How to Prevent Pregnancy Hemorrhoids

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